Malta; Hike from Marsaskala to Marsaxlokk

One of the highlights of Malta would be the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. The harbor of Marsaxlokk has very colorful fi...

Read more 23 July 2019

Top beaches Malta and Gozo

When people ask me about my next destination Malta, their first reaction was; But what are you going to do in Malta? It ...

Read more 12 July 2019

Blue lagoon and Comino, Malta

Have you ever seen such beautiful blue water of the sea that it almost hurt your eyes? Malta has this gem and it is just...

Read more 07 July 2019

Malta hiking: from Gnejna bay to Golden beach

If you want to get of the beaten track in Malta, the best thing to do is to go hiking!

Read more 30 June 2019

Backpacking and travel guide Dominican Republica

When I found cheap tickets to Dominican Republic I hesitated a little as this country is well known for package all incl...

Read more 07 April 2019

Saona island VIP day trip

‘Welcome to the Caribbean! Welcome to paradise!’ Our guide Raymond was happily greeting us at the first stop on Saona is...

Read more 07 April 2019

Day trip whale watching and Cayo Levantado

Whale watching! In Samana bay of the Dominican Republic you just have to hop on a boat and you can see the whales so clo...

Read more 06 April 2019

El Limon waterfall half day trip

DIY half day tour to the waterfall El Limon in Samana peninsula of the Dominican Republic.

Read more 05 April 2019

Shirakawago; A traditional Japanese village

Shirakawago is a small village which is known for the thatched roof and wooden houses.

Read more 05 February 2019

Best things to do in Kyoto; Top 10 sights in Kyoto

One of my favorite cities in Japan was Kyoto. But most people only have a few days to explore the city. My top 10 sights...

Read more 17 January 2019

Budget Japan. The cost of traveling for 2 weeks in Japan.

So how much did our trip to Japan cost? Tips and tricks how to safe money while traveling in Japan!

Read more 02 January 2019

Magome to Tsumago: Nakasendo trail day hiking

The hike from Magome to Tsumago is an historical route from the Nakasendo road during the Edo period. This route runs al...

Read more 27 December 2018

Matsumoto and Daio wasabi farm

A visit to a black castle and how we found out how to grow a wasabi plant.

Read more 13 December 2018

Japan itinerary; 2 weeks in Japan

Japan is probably on the bucket list of a lot of travelers. The county is big, but with the fast Shinkransen bullet trai...

Read more 11 December 2018

Osaka, the city which trigger your senses.

Do you want to focus your senses? Then book a flight to Osaka! This 2nd largest city of Japan has neon lights not to for...

Read more 04 December 2018

Koyasan temple lodging

Overnight at a Buddhism temple in Koyasan, Japan. An unforgettable experience!

Read more 03 December 2018

Allmenalp Kandersteg klettersteig

Two weeks holiday with my husband Timo. We decided to go to Switzerland and Italy to do klettersteig. Switzerland has so...

Read more 05 June 2018


In the Black Forest or Swarzwald, in the South of Germany you can do tons of activities. We found a klettersteig, which ...

Read more 03 June 2018

Bruges for a weekend

When you ask people to point out Belgium on the world map, I guess most people don’t know where Belgium would be on this...

Read more 25 January 2018

Backpacking Rwanda

'Can I search your bag?' A woman at the border asks me. From Entebbe, Uganda I took a flight to Kigali, the capital of R...

Read more 14 December 2017

Backpacking in Uganda

For years I wanted to visit the mountain gorillas. When I found cheap flights to Uganda I couldn't resist the offer and ...

Read more 10 December 2017

Travel information Uganda

Do you wanna know my travel route in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo? You can find more information here!

Read more 10 December 2017

Nyiragongo volcano

In distance I could see the cabin where we would be staying for the night. I was gasping for air, which wasn't easy at 3...

Read more 19 November 2017

Gorilla trekking in Congo

'Stop staring at him!' I'm telling myself. In the bamboo bushes the huge silver back is chewing on a piece of bamboo. He...

Read more 18 November 2017

Lac du Vouglans via ferrata

Via ferrata or klettersteig is a mountain sport which is practiced by many people. The meaning of via ferrata is 'iron r...

Read more 22 October 2017


This Summer my husband Timo and I wanted to spend our holiday doing Via ferrata routes in Rhone-Alpes. We took our own c...

Read more 19 October 2017


Walking around in Nancy. Beautiful buildings and non touristy.

Read more 12 October 2017

Geneva photo essay

From the Rhone Alps we drove to Geneva. Timo and I drove all the way down south to the French Alps to practice some via ...

Read more 04 September 2017

Mayan ruins Mexico

When I visit a country I'm always interested in history and I love to visit historical sites. In Guatamala, Honduras, Be...

Read more 12 June 2017

Cenotes in Mexico

There are many cenotes in Mexico. Which ones are the best for swimming?

Read more 25 May 2017

Akumal. Snorkeling with turtles!

Akumal is a small beach town between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Akumal is known for the large number of green turtles f...

Read more 21 May 2017

Lamanai Mayan site

Visit the Mayan site from Belize; Lamanai.

Read more 15 May 2017

Las Coloradas

The pink lakes of Las Coloradas! Sometimes they might even be orange :-)

Read more 08 May 2017

Belize beachfront rentals

You better BELIZE it! Beach holiday in Belize!

Read more 07 May 2017

Wildlife Algarve

Wildlife spotting in Algarve, Portugal

Read more 05 April 2017

Curches of Armenia

After Timo and I set foot in winter wonderland Armenia, we figured it would be much harder to get around with the snowy ...

Read more 28 December 2016


Right after the Summer of 2016 ended me and my husband Timo decided to take a trip to Georgia and Armenia during Christm...

Read more 26 December 2016

Orhei Vechi Monastery

Searching into sights of Moldova and you would not find much other, then sights in Chisinau, wineries or Orhei Vechi Mon...

Read more 19 December 2016


Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. I'm gonna tell you all about the sights in Chisinau

Read more 16 December 2016


Four days in Kiev, Ukraine. What are the best sights in this busteling city?

Read more 12 December 2016


From Kiev I took a night train to Odessa. A harbor town at the black sea.

Read more 10 December 2016


The Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine happend in 1986. 30 years after the accident I'm going to Chernobyl on a day tour.

Read more 30 November 2016

Things to do in Tiraspol

What to do in the small region of Transnistria?

Read more 15 November 2016

How to travel to Transnistria

Is it possible to travel to a country which doesn’t actually exist? Yes, Transnistria is one of those countries!

I guess ...

Read more 12 November 2016


Cesena, our final destination of our road trip to Italy. What is there to explore? Come along with us and I tell you all...

Read more 23 October 2016

Lago di Garda

With 370 km² Lago di Garda is the largest lake in Italy. We are about to discover why this is a popular tourist destinat...

Read more 21 October 2016


Syria, I'm going to take you back in my memories with pictures.

Read more 16 October 2016

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is on of the 5 smallest states in the world. Set in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria, this quiet ...

Read more 14 August 2016

Zaanse schans

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with loads of museums. Floating on a boat in one of the channels is a nice trip to do. But...

Read more 16 July 2016

Cayo Levisa

What a beautiful island! Bright red starfishes and powdery white sand.

Read more 08 June 2016

Punta Perdiz

Driving around in Cuba with your own rental car can take you to some places which are difficult to reach without a car.

Read more 06 June 2016


Varadero is famous for its all inclusive resort. How is the beach?

Read more 05 June 2016

Playa Larga

When you drive around in Cuba, you'll find out short distances can take a long time. Because of the bad conditions of th...

Read more 04 June 2016

Cuba: Beaches and islands.

Cuba; and island in the caribbean sea. One thing is for sure. You’re gonna see white beaches with palmtrees! But which o...

Read more 04 June 2016


The best way to explore the valley of Viñales in CUBA is on foot. Or by horse, if you are not afraid of them!

Read more 03 June 2016


A lively city with some interesting sights. Arequipa!

Read more 29 April 2016

Castles and vampires in Transylvania

Transylvania is well know about myth of the vampires. Are coming with me and bust the myth?

Read more 13 March 2016

Bucharest and Brasov

Traveling with a car from Bucharest to Brasov.

Read more 13 March 2016


Ice hotels can melt! Our trip to Romania became different than we would have imagined in the first place.

Read more 12 March 2016


With only a short ferry ride from St. Martin, you'll reach paradise island Anguilla!

Read more 16 November 2015

St. Martin

Relax! Take it easy! This is holiday 2.0!

Read more 15 November 2015


Belgium; A small country in Europe. But do you know there is a lot to see?

Read more 02 September 2015

Rome city trip

The cultural capital of Europe must be Rome! A city break which you won't forget.

Read more 01 July 2015

Uyuni 3 day tour

This country is rich of culture and has stunning nature. Where else can you make trick shots better on the salt flat of ...

Read more 04 June 2015

Things to do in San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a community in the northern part of Chile. The city is build in the Atacama desert. With only 56...

Read more 01 June 2015

Machu Picchu

This mystic Inca city was one of my top favorite to visit!

Read more 31 May 2015

Sandoval lake and National reserve Tambopata

What can you see and expect to see in the jungle of Peru?

Read more 30 May 2015

Colca Canyon

See the magical king of the birds; The condor!

Read more 18 May 2015

Tulip fields

The best way to enjoy the nature of the Netherlands is by biking between the tulip fields.

Read more 02 May 2015


The most beautiful garden of the world! Keukenhof!

Read more 27 April 2015

The islands of Thailand

Who doesn’t want to see white beaches with waving palm trees. Swimming in a warm ocean with crystal clear water? The bes...

Read more 15 February 2015


Backpacking in Iran is easy! People are super friendly and helpful.

Read more 29 November 2014

Iran tripreport

Backpacking 2.0! Traveling with my sister in Iran and meeting wonderful people!

Read more 11 November 2014


Budapest is a really nice city to visit. There are many beautiful old buildings, museums, castles and parks. On top of t...

Read more 01 October 2014

Malé city

Is it truly a horrible city?

Read more 30 April 2014

Maldives Embudu village resort

This must be paradise!

Read more 30 April 2014


Since years I was dreaming of the Maldives. White sand beaches, turquoise water, beautiful corals and fishes and on top ...

Read more 30 April 2014

Kitulgala, Rafters retreat

Rafters retreat. Lovely bungalows; you'll feel one with nature!

Read more 05 April 2014

Horton plains

A magnificent hike at a nature reserve, which is 2100 meters above sea level.

Read more 05 April 2014

Tissamaharama and Yala national park

Leopards in Sri Lanka? Really?! I have to see this with my own eyes!

Read more 05 April 2014

Hikkaduwa, Galle, Mirissa

The southern beaches of Sri Lanka are beautiful! The soft sand of Mirissa, the surfing waves of Hikkaduwa, make your cho...

Read more 05 April 2014

Sri lanka

A small island, but very diverse. Green tea plantations, national park with wild elephants, surf beaches and ancient cit...

Read more 05 April 2014

Haputale and teaplantations

Tea plantations, this is the reason to come to Sri Lanka. We all want to know how those plants grow, right?!

Read more 05 April 2014


From Dakar I took a shared taxi to a crossroad to Ndangane. The small village lays in the region Sine Saloum delta situa...

Read more 11 January 2014

Golden coast

We long beaches with golden sand, Gambia is a famous spot for tourist to have a relaxing holiday.

Read more 08 January 2014

Bintang Bolong

An other eco lodge, with bungalows build on stilts on the banks of the river Gambia. It is far enough from the touristy ...

Read more 08 January 2014

Ile de Gorée

Ile de Gorée, an island with a tragic history of slavery. This island would be the final gate to transport slaves trough...

Read more 07 January 2014


My brief visit to Dakar and Lac rose was intens!

Read more 07 January 2014


African villages and friendly people. Here you can get a glimpse of the real Africa.

Read more 05 January 2014

Gambia and Senegal

Why did I choose to go backpacking in The Gambia and Senegal? Tips on how to travel in those countries.

Read more 04 January 2014

Gambia, Tanji

Tanji, a fishing village. Africa at his best!

Read more 04 January 2014


As the winter is coming, I wanted to book a last minute. Timo and I decided to ask my parents to come. They never do tho...

Read more 19 December 2013

Ko Lipe and Ko Adang

Ko Lipe is an island in the southern point of Thailand. The island lays in the Andaman sea and is just one boat ride awa...

Read more 20 December 2012

Ko Bulon

A small island with beautiful beaches! Go there until everyone finds it on the maps

Read more 18 December 2012


The thousand pagodes and stupas of Bagan are amazingly preserved!

Read more 17 December 2012

Loy Krathong and Kings day

Two celebration at dates close to each other. Loy Krathong and Kingsday. If you can, come in this period to Thailand. Yo...

Read more 15 December 2012

Ljubljana and caves of Postojna

The colorful city Ljubljana is less visited but not less interesting!

Read more 18 June 2012

San Marino

Road tripping around Europe brought us in this tiny country; San Marino

Read more 16 June 2012

Schaffhausen and Faido

Road tripping in Europe. What are the hidden gems of Switzerland?

Read more 16 June 2012

Things to do around Bled

An area in Slovenia which will surprise you to the limit!

Read more 16 June 2012

Lodge Kabalebo Eco Resort

Trying to spot wild animals in the tropical jungle of Surinam.

Read more 30 November 2011

Berg en Dal resort

Flying over river Surinam. This can be done at Berg en Dal resort

Read more 30 November 2011


Surinam: A country with the beautiful named capital Paramaribo.

Read more 30 November 2011

Curacao top 5 sights

What to see and to do on Curacao island? Read all about it in this blog!

Read more 30 November 2011


This bounty island is a great place to relax under the shade of a palmtree.

Read more 30 November 2011

La Ceiba

Honduras is not a the first country you would think of to go backpacking. It surprised me!

Read more 27 August 2011

Copan Ruines

Copa ruinas is an archaeological site of the ancient city Copan. Centuries ago about 20.000 people would live here and t...

Read more 20 August 2011

Granada or Léon

Two cities, which one to choose?

Read more 13 August 2011

Ao Nang

Ao nang is a beach which you can easily reach from Krabi. The beach is really famous among holiday tourist. The beach is...

Read more 19 March 2009

Angkor Wat

Angkor is one important archaeological sites of South-East Asia. It was originally builded by the Khmer for the Khmer Em...

Read more 11 March 2009

Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi

The islands of Ko Phi Phi are a group of islands in the Andaman sea. The two biggest are called Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Ph...

Read more 02 March 2009

Top 5 National parks in Malaysia

To see the wildlife of Malaysia you have to enter one of National parks of Malasia. Which one do you choose?

Read more 01 October 2005

Top 5 beaches and islands of Malaysia

Beaches with leisure, sun and fun! Let's go to Malaysia!

Read more 17 September 2005

Ko Tao and Ko Pga nang

Ko Tao or Ko Pga Nang which one do you choose? Let's see both!

Read more 27 March 2005

National parks of Costa Rica

Wildlife in Costa Rica, where best to spot?

Read more 30 August 2004

New York stop over

In the period you did go to a travel agent to book flights, I had in mind to go to Costa Rica. As I sat at the desk of t...

Read more 21 August 2004


The Borobudur is one of the major attractions of Java.

Read more 29 December 2003

Lombok and Gili islands

Sengigi is one of the major location in Lombok to use as a hub to go around the island. This village, located at the wes...

Read more 29 December 2003

Top 10 things to do in Bali

Bali is a very famous spot to go on a holiday. Most people will book a package tour including flight and hotel. These ho...

Read more 28 December 2003

Ko Similan islands

The islands of Similan are quiet and beautyfull!

Read more 02 March 2003