Travel information Uganda


10 December 2017

Travel information Uganda

In November 2017 I made a 12 day trip to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo. With this minimum time given I had to make a small plan.

My return flight was from Entebbe, but to safe some time I booked a flight with Rwandair to Kigali on the same morning when I arrived in Entebbe.

Since it was low season, it was easy to find accommodation on the spot. This makes it easy for travelers to get around without organization.

There were restaurants in the most places I have visited. Only lake Bunyonyi I used the restaurants of the hotels. Most hotels and hostels are spread around the lake.

My travel route

Day 1 Flight to Entebbe including overnight flight

Day 2 Flight to Kigali early morning. Visit genocide memorials around Kigali

Day 3 Visit genocide memorial in Kigali, after I took a bus to Musanze

Day 4 Hiking tour to Twin lakes. I took a bus to Gisenyi after this tour. In Giseny I got a pick up from Congo Discovery Safaris and they dropped me at my guesthouse in Goma

Day 5Gorilla tracking in Volcanos national park

Day 6 Nyiragongo volcano trekking

Day 7 Nyiragongo volcano trekking return to Kisoro, Uganda

Day 8 Hike in Kisoro, shared taxi to Lake Bunyonyi

Day 9 Lake Bunyonyi

Day 10 Bus to Entebbe

Day 11 Tour to spot Shoebill birds

Day 12 Return to The Netherlands


For Uganda most people need a visa. You can easily obtain this at arrival of a land border or at the international airport of Entebbe. The cost would be $50.

If you intent to travel to Kenya and Rwanda you can apply for an Eastern Africa visa. This visa allows you to travel inside those 3 countries with only one visa. The cost for this visa is $100 and you only can apply online.

I applied for an Eastern Africa Visa, but this was a mistake. At the Rwanda/Congo border they put a ‘Used’ stamp at my visa and told me I have to get new visas on my return. I didn't know this and I have read I could exit and entry those countries without paying for a new visa.



In Uganda there are several buses companies traveling from one to another big town. Most of those buses leave early morning. But check departure times really carefully. I had difficulties finding the right departure time as hotel staff told me different. That left me with the very slow Post bus, which took many stops for long times.

But as I only took one long distance bus, this might be just one issue and might not be the all over experience.


For shorter distances you can use the minivan called matatu. Those small minivans can load about 14 people and leave most likely when full. Along the way they will stop to load new people or let people get of the bus. Travel with matatu is cheap and easy. Just ask around at the taxi park for the right direction of your final destination. People will point you in the right direction.

Shared taxi

Another option for short distances is the shared taxi. Mostly those sedan cars are white and can take up to 5 people. I had a bad experience with a taxi driver taking up to 7 people and one child. Which was way too much and way to uncomfortable, not speaking about safety! Just one ride and I was done with this mode of transport.

Boda boda

A body is a motor taxi which is used for short distances mostly inside towns. The price is negotiable but mostly it is cheap with $1 - $4 for a ride, depending on the distance. In Uganda you are not mandatory to wear a helmet and mostly the drivers don’t bring one like the neighbor country Rwanda where it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

I found it an easy way to get around, but places in Kampala it was too hectic and I can see this would be a little more dangerous.

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