Things to do around Bled

Vintgar gorge

16 June 2012


Bled is a city in Slovenia with 11.000 inhabitants. The city is settled next to the same named lake Bled. It is close to the border of Austria. Beside the language Slovenian, German and English are well spoken.

The main source of income is tourism. Not uncommon since around this area there are a lot of things to see and to do. With a country close to Italy and Austria you can imagine the kitchen would be a variety of those 2 countries so you’ll be well in place with food. They have a few traditional dishes all in a cheap price.

Castle Bled

Lake bled and castle

Although the city Bled itself is not very historical, here you can find the most accommodations and a few restaurants. The city is settled next to the lake. Here you can hire rowing boats or peddle bikes to enjoy the lake. If you want you can peddle or for the very sportive people among us, to the small island in the lake. Here you find a small chapel.

The castle Bled is build up a hill in the year 1011. Due to a heavy earthquake in 1511 the castle was destroyed. They rebuild it afterwards and they added a few carved stone and frescoes to the plain castle. Inside you can find a museum with displays about the ancient time. They found some interesting pottery and the objects.
The restaurant serving food from a top location with a very scenic view over the lake. Well worth a visit!

Bohinjsko jezero lake

Another lake about 30 km from Bled is another day of walking, hiking and swimming. Here you can rent kayaks or paddle boats. Or you just can relax at the small beaches.
The lake is surrounded with steep mountains which gives a beautiful view all the time. Around the lake you can find forest. It is next to the national park Triglavski. You can hike here, or make a mountain bike tour.

I really found this area very pleasant for walking. It is quiet and clean and when you’re done, you can relax at the lake.

A great hike is up to the waterfall Savica. This waterfall is almost 50 meters high. It comes down in a pool with bright green water. Right after the pool there is an artificial dam.
To get to the waterfall you have to park at hotel Ukanc. From here it is a pleasant hike trough the forest. It will take about 1 hour to get there.

Vintgar gorge

The Vintgar gorge settle next to the village Gorje, is a very popular spot. Not very strange since it is a beautiful natural phenomenon. This ravine leads for about 1.6 km trough high rock walls. Along the river they created wooden bridges and narrow passages. You can follow the rapids and erosion potholes with always a great sight at the crystal clear green water.

The trail ends at waterfall Sum which is 13 meters high. You’ll have to walk the same way back, so it might be more busy at the way back.

How to get to Vintgar Gorge?

How to get there? The gorge is a few km outside Bled. You can follow the signs. After you parked the car at the parking lot, you have to pay entrance fee at the boot. The price is 4 Euros per person. The Vintgar is closed during winter from November until April.
It will take about 1 hour to walk and return.