02 September 2015

Belgium, province Wallonia

Belgium is so close to our house we sometimes go there for a weekend. I have been in Belgium a lot of time, but every time is different. This time we rented a house with Timo's family at the area Wallonia. This province lays next to France and the voice which is spoken is of course French.
Our bungalow was set at a bungalow park next to a drainage basin. The plus side of this is you can do water sports like surfing or kayaking.
Luckily the weather was really warm this weekend so we could really enjoy being outside with the family.

We just had a relaxing weekend, but we did visit some interesting things. First of all we went to a butterfly garden. This we didn't imagine there could be many butterflies, but boy, what where we wrong! There where many species which the import as a cocoon from other countries. With this, you can see many colored butterflies in all sizes. The garden was set up well and because there where many, you just could stand still and enjoy the insects. I loved it!

Another morning we went with the 4 of us to a climbing park. This is called Natura parc L'Eau d'heure. Climbing in a set up track in trees up to 25 meter high it is a real adventure. There are 5 different tracks, going from easy to extreme. We were there for 4 hours and didn't even came to the last extreme track. This one seemed really difficult, so we skipped it.
You can enjoy yourself for hours!

The track was really safe and secure with a life line which was connected to your body all the time and another safety pin which you have to secure yourself.
You go from one platform to another. Sometimes you have to climb in ropes, swing down a tree or walk on moving objects. Very much fun to do!

The same day as we visited the butterfly garden we visited a village close by, Chimay. This little town has a few old buildings. It was nice to wander around a bit, but it didn't take us long to see the village.