Ko Tao and Ko Pga nang


27 March 2005

Ko Tao

Koh tao is a island in the Gulf of Thailand. The size of the island is only 21 square kilometers, but even if this island is so tiny it is big in name!

This island is THE diving spot of Thailand. There are many beautiful coral reefs. And there is a big diversity of fishes. If you are lucky you can even spot a whale shark or turtles!

I only could do a snorkeling trip since I have a history of asthma, they didn’t want to let me do a trial dive.

On the snorkeling trip, which wasn’t fun at all if you have motion sickness, I manage to see some sharks at shark point. That was the only thing impressive at the time. Since I was vomiting the whole time, I can’t remember how the underwater world looks like. A shame! And I should definitely return!

Ko Nang Yuan

Another cool stop is Koh Nang Yuan on this trip. This is an absolutely beautiful island, or should I say islands? There are 3 islands, 2 of them with a little hill. All those 3 islands are connected with a sandbank. You can climb one of the hills on the island and see a spectacular view over these islands.

You can visit Koh Nang Yuang also directly from Ko Tao for a day trip. From the pier at Koh Tao you can take a taxi boat.
To enter the island you have to pay 100 baht admission fee.

Koh Tao you can reach by boat from Chumpon. This ferry ride will take about 2 hours. The boat continue to Koh Pga Nang and Koh Samui.

Ko Pga nang

Ko Pga Nang (also written as Ko Pganang) is settled between Ko Samui and Ko Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. With 125 square kilometers it is a relatively big island.

This island has a really laid back scene. And the island is only know for one thing; Full moon parties! At the beach Hat Rin every full moon and half moon there will be huge beach parties. About 30.000 people will get drunk and will dance all night long.

I didn’t encounter this party. I wasn’t here at full moon. So I did see a glimpse of what the island has to offer.

The beach of Had Rin is pretty. Long stretch of white sand beach, restaurants and souvenir shops at the back streets. Between the parties there are a good number of tourist here, but not too much.

I went on a snorkeling trip around the island. We stopped at some places where we could snorkel. The water was about 3 meters deep, but still I could see some nice colored fish. We stopped at the beach to eat our lunch. And at one beach we could take a car to go to see a waterfall. It was not impressive, but a fun stop.

I think this island would be perfect to explore yourself with a motorbike. Just rent one at the many places and go around and see it yourself.

You can reach Ko Pga Nang only by boat arriving from Ko Tao or Ko Samui. The easiest way is to fly to Ko Samui and then get on a ferry boat.

Please note that those pictures are made with a film role camera. The quality is bad!