29 December 2003


The 13th largest island of Indonesia is Java. This important island has different natural environment like volcanoes, tropical rain forest, rice fields, tea plantations and other agrarian culture. This island is mostly Islamic so please dress modest!

The capital of Indonesia is settled at the western part of the island. Jakarta is a very big city and as a tourist there is not too much to see. As my pen pal friend was living here, I stayed here almost 2 weeks. I started to love the city, but they showed me places, other tourist won’t go. And of course it was great to see my pen pal, who I wrote to for years!

Yayasan Sinar Pelangi

Another great initiative I visited, Yayasan Sinar Pelangi. Just outside Jakarta a Catholic woman called Andre made a home for disabled children. They have an orphanage, but also they search children all over Indonesia who need surgery. You can only think of children born with a harelip but also much more complicated diseases. They pay for their surgery and after they recovered they go home. Meanwhile, they try to teach those children, or they let their parents learn how to use for example a sewing machine.
A very good initiative.


Yogyakarta is another important city. This one has a little more atmosphere, but still it remains a big city.
The biggest attraction to visit from Yogjakarta is the Borobudur. A giant Buddhist temple build in the 8th and 9th century.

In the 19th century they found this jewel under a layer of volcanic ash. The Borobudur became a UNESCO world heritage site and now it one of the most visited temples of Indonesia.