Me on rock in Chile

Who is Elizabeth?

Let's introduce myself. I’m Elizabeth, a young women over my thirties.
In a small village in The Netherlands I grew up with 2 sisters and one brother. My father was working hard to get us what we needed and my mom was always there to take care of us.

sunset ik op rots

In the summer period and sometimes in autumn we got on a one or two week holiday. We stayed in the Netherlands as the budget of my parents wasn’t high enough to go to foreign countries with 4 children. I always had the best holidays at sea or in the woods, in the hilly province of Limburg or close at my house. We went to markets as my father love to walk at the markets and we saw villages or lakes. Just relaxing holidays with family.

As I grew older I asked to go to Spain or France just like my classmates. But that never happened. At the age of 15 we went to Belgium with school, which was like the end of the world to me. I had a fun week and I saw ‘mountains’ and a real waterfall. I loved it!

Alway love to try some new food

How it began

By then I had a history teacher whom was born in Indonesia. When he was talking about his country of birth his eyes had this shimmer of happiness and he was talking about this country with so much love. I loved to listen to those stories. Another teacher got me into this kind of pen-pal thing. I had bad grades for English class and she found it good idea to write to other people in English to improve my grades. So when I was 15 years old I got this pen-pal from, you guess it right, Indonesia. We started writing about our lives and countries and by then I fell in love with a country I have never been! 16 years old and I was thinking about the future.I want to travel, to Indonesia. Of course I didn’t have the money, nor the guts to go there. Let alone my parents would let me go at this age. All I had to do was wait. In my spare time I started a weekend job to save up money. For the future.

Happy with tulips

21 years old. Although I had seen some countries like Italy and Spain by this age I had never traveled alone or took a flight this far. But I got the ticket to Indonesia and traveled in this beautiful country for 7 weeks. After that I went to Malaysia and Thailand.

IMG_3737 copy

And I never stopped.
I got the travel bug.

Now and future

My purpose to start this blog is to get you inspired, get you informed and to entertain you.

I'm sure this blog will be full of English grammar and spelling mistakes. Since English is not my native language, I'm sure you'll forgive me. For the Dutch readers among us, you can navigate to the Dutch blog and find loads of stories there.

Now I still living in The Netherlands, together with my husband Timo and my 2 cats.
I have to go to work every day and I have to squeeze my holidays in the 5 weeks I have all together in one year. My trips will be various of length, short weekends or sometimes a month. You can't see a whole country in just a few days. That's why I always pick a few things I love to see.

I have been to many countries now. In the future I hope I can see even more of the world! I'm always open to suggestions.

Me and my 2 cats