Playa Larga
04 June 2016

Playa Larga

When you drive around in Cuba, you'll find out short distances can take a long time. Because of the bad conditions of the roads you have to pay fully attention to avoid driving in a hole or a ditch. This would make you drive slower and the driver has to concentrate on the road.

We choose to visit Playa Larga, because our first long driving route should be Vinales - Trinidad. With almost 500 km and knowing the route would be slowly because of the state of the roads, this would take too much time. We prefer to make an extra stop and take it a bit more slow.
I read on internet you can do snorkeling at Playa Larga, so this would be a perfect stop for us.

We started early in Vinales and we got there around 1 p.m. The road from Vinales to Playa Larga is mainly on the highroad. Not too difficult.

Kitesurfers and snorkeling

The beach wasn’t at white as I expected, more yellow with coarse sand. It was small, but stretchy all around the edges of the bay.

The water of the ocean was murkily. This might have to do with the strong wind at the time we were in Playa Larga. The water was fresh, so nice for a cold dip.

After a few steps in the water, you can feel sea grass at the bottom. We heard you can do snorkeling, a little further at the ocean. Since we could see the water wouldn’t be more clean, we just swam and relaxed. Watching kite surfers do their tricks. Which was amazing, since the wind was so strong they made really high jumps!

Casa Mesa

Our Casa particulars ‘Casa Mesa’ was great! The casa was set right on the beach, with a great view over the bay. The host was super friendly. She let us pick our own room, which was the one right at the beach, with its own teras. I loved this place!

There where a few casa’s set on the beach, where you could eat. But we only ate at our Casa, since it was so cozy at this place! The food was superb too, if only we did’t got attacked by mosquito’s during dinnertime.

All in all, I really loved Playa Larga, because it was not so touristy and the beach was so quiet. Casa Mesa was just a jewel at this spot and because of this I just didn’t want to leave!