21 August 2004

New York stop over

In the period you did go to a travel agent to book flights, I had in mind to go to Costa Rica. As I sat at the desk of the tour agent, the lady searching for flights found one with a stop over in New York. Well why not? A city we see all over the TV, it can be interesting to visit.

After my trip to Costa Rica, I had a flight to this big city. I stayed 3 nights.
I was a bit overwhelmed by the big buildings and flats. Slowly walking on the footpath, I looked up. Those high buildings! I walked a lot! And just looked around and absorbed the vibrations of the city.
I visited Times square, the Empire state buildings and of course the Statue of Liberty. I walked all over from the southern part to the central park and even then I couldn't stop walking and looking around.
I barely made pictures, but the ones I have, I cherish.
In the future I hope I can come back to NY. There is so much to see and to do! Hopefully not getting to overwhelmed again.