Ao Nang

Ao nang

19 March 2009

Ao Nang

Ao nang is a beach which you can easily reach from Krabi. The beach is really famous among holiday tourist. The beach is long, but not wide and the sand is not complete white. There where also a lot of broken shells, so make sure you’ll have some footwear.

I didn’t found this the prettiest beach, but it was a really relaxing place. I didn’t found the beach too busy, there was always a spot with just a few people around. The water was calm and good for a swim.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from, not only along the beach, but also a little at the back. You’ll find a lot of massage shops, which are good and cheap.

Hotels/hostels you can find in all price ranges. Just walk around and ask if you can see the room so you can compare.

If you walk towards the Grand beach resort you walk on a wooden walkway. In the afternoon monkeys can be see here often. We found the playing, eating and even swimming in a stream. It was fun to see the monkeys!

There are a lot of tour agents around which can sell you tours to different beaches and islands around. I can’t remember the name of the tour, but I’m sure you still can book it. They will take you to a place where 3 islands are connected by a sandbank. This was a really cool spot and I loved the views here!

We also visited Rai Leh beach which was pretty too. I’d love to stay here one day.

From Krabi it only takes about 20 minutes to get here if you take a taxi. With local transport it will take a bit more time.

From the beach you can take a boat to the famous Rai Leh and also to Long beach.