Todtnau klettersteig

03 June 2018

Swarzwald / Todtnau klettersteig

In the Black Forest or Swarzwald, in the South of Germany you can do tons of activities. We found a klettersteig, which should only last 45 minutes. Ideal for a short stop along the way to Switzerland.

This route is classified as a C. The parking lot in front of hotel Waldeck was easy to find.

From there it’s a 20 minutes walk to the starting point of the klettersteig. We could already see some people climbing on the route from the parking lot. And it looked like fun.

At the starting point there was a family, but the boy was a bit afraid. After a few attempts, they decided to turn around.

The start was slightly steep and you have to pull yourself a little with the steel cable. This will cost some arm strength, but not too much.

Then soon you have a rock which you need to pass around (you can see this rocks from the parking lot). Here you stand on a small ridge, but you can hold yourself on the steel cable. Some more easy climbing follow. Then there is a monkey bridge. Only one steel cable to stand on and a steel cable to hold yourself. If you think it is too scary you can take the escape, after the escape the klettersteig is finished. You can return tough the woods back to the parking lot.

Or if you take the monkey bridge it will take another 5-10 minutes to finish the klettersteig route.

The route only took us 45 minutes, so not that long.

After the klettersteig

This is a really nice and fun klettersteig, but a little short. I would say this is a B/C route. It has a few difficulties.

Because this route is short, it is perfect to combine it with the waterfall which is only 5 minutes away. The waterfall has different levels, so you can make a nice walk here. Entrance of the waterfall is 2 Euros.

Information Swarzwald

Parking: Free at the parking lot in front of hotel ...

Classification: C

Altitude: 630 meters

Difference during the climb: 20 meters

Cost waterfall Todtnau: 2 Euros per person