Park Guell

19 December 2013


As the winter is coming, I wanted to book a last minute. Timo and I decided to ask my parents to come. They never do those kinds of things, but I’m sure they would love it.

And which city is best to see? Barcelona! We found cheap flights with Ryan air. We flew to airport Reus, which is about 2 hours with the bus to the city centre.

After a long search, we booked an apartment. Vivo Barcelona apartment was close to a metro station to take us everywhere. The 2 bathrooms where a real plus!

Güell park

This nice city park is situated in the area Gracia. The park is covering an area of 15 ha with a lot of trails to walk. At the entrance of the park you can find a lot of mosaic designs from the designer Antoni Gaudí. The famous bench with a shape of salamander and the other waved bench is attracting many tourist every year.

Just when we arrived they have a new rule you have to pay entrance fee. This fee is only to the part where you sit on the benches.
We decided just to walk around in the park and enjoy the views. You still can see the benches, only from a distance. When there are many tourists around, it would be difficult to take pictures without people in it.

Casa batllo

This building is again a design of Antoni Gaudí. I wanted to show it to my father as I think as a carpenter it would be very interesting to see.

From the years 1906 to 1908 this building was redesigned by the Antoni Gaudí. The front of the house is covered in mosaic. The curved sealing and walls are another point of recognition for this designer.

The entrance with almost 25 euro’s per person is really steep. Timo and my mother didn’t want to go inside so they went to a cafe nearby to relax a bit.

We got an audio guidance which was really informative. Each room has its own description and the tour took us almost 2 hours! I really enjoyed the sight from the roof and the small back garden.

Sagrade de Familia

The rest of the days where filled with other sights like Sagrade de Familia which we didn’t enter because of the long waiting lines. The city park, the big market, churches and walking around the area of Gotica where part of the day.

Random sights all over the city

The short weekend wasn’t enough to see all the sights of the city. But for a few days you just can pick the sights you love to see and feel the vibe of the city.

And of course the great tapas restaurants where one not to be missed! Tapas bars you can find all over the city. You just order a few portions and if it is not enough you order a bit more. I found it a bit more expensive as I thought it would be, but maybe it was because we stayed a bit in the touristy parts.

Màgica de Montjuïc fountain

We stayed close to the Màgica de Montjuïc fountain. Every night we did the nice short walk to the fountains and watched the show. There is a park where you can walk around a bit and to see a nice viewpoint over the city.

In the area Gotica the streets are really narrow and you just keep looking at the old buildings.

We wandered through the streets and saw amazing buildings.

These three days in Barcelona where great! I loved the city and I'm sure my parents loved it too.
It is easy to go around by public transport. But many sights are at walking distances.
Make sure you won't go to the market on a Sunday, it will be closed that day!

Airport Reus I found a bit too far from the city center. We missed the bus when we went back, so the only option where the train and a private taxi. The last option is too expensive of course. We were lucky there was one more train we could have taken, so we were on time to catch the flight.
Next time I would consider to pay a bit more money and fly to Airport Pratt, close to the city center.