Ko Lipe and Ko Adang

Pattaya beach Ko lipe

20 December 2012

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is an island in the southern point of Thailand. The island lays in the Andaman sea and is just one boat ride away from the border of Malaysia. Many people use this island to do the visa run to Malaysia.

You can get to this island with the speedboat leaving from Pak Bara. Pak bara you can reach from the airport of Hat yai or the city centre. The speedboat takes you to the island and arrives at Pattaya beach. They dump you at some kind of platform in the sea, from here they take you with smaller boats to the beach, this cost about 70 baht per person. 50 bath is for the boatman, 20 baht is a fee for the national park.

Pattaya beach is the ‘party’ beach of the island. Here you can find the most bars and restaurants and in the evening there is a relax atmosphere.
Halfway this beach you can find Walking street. This ‘street’ connects to other beaches on the island. The street if full of restaurants/bars, accommodations and massage shops.

The first beach you’ll see is Sunrise beach. This beach has also a lot of accommodation, and is a little more quiet at night. There are less boats here too, but I notice there are sand flees! The Sunrise beach itself is really beautiful! You can see a small island. You can swim to this island with your snorkel and snorkel around the island. You can see really nice corals an fishes here!

Sunset beach is the most quiet one. Only a few accommodations and the beach is smaller, but not less appealing.

In the distance you can see the bigger Ko Adang. A short long tail boat ride away. It is good for a day trip or stay a few overnights.

I was there in the beginning of December, right before the big crowds are coming. You can have a little of rain, since it is the ending of the raining season. But nothing to worry about. I really liked this island, especially if you make a combination of the lesser crowded Ko Bulon.

Ko Adang

From Sunrise beach we took a long tail boat taxi to the island Ko Adang. It is only 10 minutes by boat. The long tail boat is some kind of taxi, so you can choose one way or return. If you want to return, make sure you agree on a pick up time!

Ko Adang is part of the Tarutao national park. You have to pay an entrance fee. You can pay this at the reception/office.
The island is about 30 square kilometer and the highest peak is about 690 meters. With only a few beaches but a lot of dense forrest it makes it a great island for hiking.

Hiking trails start from the beach. We tried to walk them, but the path was really slippery. Walking with only flipflop wasn’t safe.
We did saw a lot of hornbill birds in the pine trees next too the beach.

The beach where they drop you off is quiet and beautiful! The beach is big and the sand really soft. From the beach you can go snorkeling, but be careful of the strong current!

In the centre you can find building with toilets and showers. And there is a restaurant which is opened only on certain times.
For the ones who want to stay on the island; you can rent a tent or you can stay in the main building which has a few rooms.

The island is really worth a visit! It is so relaxed and quiet here! I really regret not staying one or more nights to soak up the island life.