Tulip fields

Tulip fields

02 May 2015


Tulips are spring blooming flowers growing out of a bulb. The flower have all kind of colors except blue. In the 1500th century an ambassador from Turkey brought some bulbs. After, they realized these flowers are doing really well in our climate. The bulbs need cold night temperatures. That's why they got planted in October or November. The flowers will start to bloom in spring, usually around March.
They will grow in different provinces like Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Flevopolder. Here the soil is the best for the bulbs to grow.
Nowadays the tulips are one of our important export products to the whole world.

The best way to see the tulip field is on a bike. Just ask your hotel for a route and they will describe the best route for that season. Only enter the fields when you have permission. Don't pluck tulips or break them! It is someones business!

Another way to see the tulips is with a car. The routes are different, since you can't get everywhere with the car.