Ljubljana and caves of Postojna

Colorful street

18 June 2012


Ljubljana is the capital of the country Slovenia. The city has about 280.000 inhabitants, so it's not big and easy to get around.
The old historic city center has a few sights. At first when you walk around you can see the colorful streets, with old style buildings. The market place and a few other squares have fountains.
The city has a river flowing trough the city. To cross the river there are a few bridges.
Some museums might be interesting to visit, like the national museum or the museum of modern art.

An important historic site is the castle. This castle you can reach with some stars and walking up a hill. This viewpoint over the city is nice!
If you're hungry or thirsty the street Stari Trg has a lot of restaurants to fill your needs. In summer you can sit outside and enjoy the nice view to the small street.

Caves of Postojna

About 40 minutes from Ljubljana you can found a very big attraction of the country. With a network of 20 kilometers tunnels, this caves are one of the biggest in Europe. In 1877 they built a train and in 1884 they made electricity inside the cave. From then they started guided tours to show the caves.
Now you can visit the caves at set time schedule. The tour will take up to 1.5 hour. When you enter the cave, you board the train. The ride is fun and nowhere to be found. After you finish the train, they divide the group into smaller groups. You can choose your language of preference. The guides will explain you all about the caves. They tell you how the calcite formations, stalactites and stalagmites are formed. The temperature is constant at 8 degrees. So make sure you’ll wear a vest. The tour around the caves are really interesting. You’ll follow a path and they show you all the interesting point of views.
I found the entrance fee of 25 euros’s steep. But it is worth it and you do get a lot of information about this massive cave!