29 December 2003

Lombok and Gili islands

Sengigi is one of the major location in Lombok to use as a hub to go around the island. This village, located at the western side of the island has some black sand beaches. The village itself is not that attractive, but is an easy getaway.
The most fun tour was to the Sendang Gile waterfall. This waterfall is settled in the northern part of the island. You’ll pass peanut fields, coconut farms and garlic fields. We asked for an extra stop at markets. Which was really basic but so much fun.

At the waterfall you’ll have to rent a guide. They walk with you trough the dense forest to the waterfall. Here you can enter the water and try to go behind the waterfall. It was a really stunning scenery with the lush green around you and the thunder of the waterfall coming down.

Kuta beach Lombok

Not only Bali, but also Lombok has a Kuta beach. For one day we drove down to the southern part of the island. The beach is actually not one, but 2 beaches. The most fun thing about this is that one part has really white, soft sand. The other beach is more rough sand where you have difficulties to walk in the sand as you slip away.
We made a quick stop at a roof tiles fabric and jet an other market. We stopped again at a weaving mill, which I found really interesting, since it comes close to my job.

Gili islands

The Gili islands are actually 3 small islands with white sand beaches and coconut palm trees. The sea is turquoise and some may refer these islands as paradise. We have visited only 2 islands on a day trip, Gili Trawagnan and Gili Menno. Gili Trawagnan attracts the most visitors. Until now the islands still has a prohibition on motorized transport. You go around by foot, bicycle or horse cart.
From the beach you can go snorkeling. You do see fishes, but also a lot of dead coral due to dynamite fishing.
This island was really relaxed!

Gili Menno is the more robinson island. Just a handful of tourist will go here and actually stay the night on the island. With just a few accommodations you still can feel alone and at peace. Here you can do snorkeling too. Turtles are common seen!