Kitulgala, Rafters retreat

Rafters retreat

05 April 2014

Kitulgala, Rafters retreat

Before we left to Sri lanka, we searched what we wanted to see. I found what seems cool accommodation in Kitulgala called Rafters retreat. With loads of activities to do this would be our final destination for today.

We took a bus from Nuwara Eliya with a crazy driver trying to get everyone nauseous. I was happy when we finally arrived!

Instead of 1 night we wanted to stay 2 nights in Rafters retreat. We could get a good deal and were happy with the really cool bungalow settled along the river. One side of the bungalow was open air so at night it would be a sleep with the sounds of the river.

The river was a great place to have a swim!

We tried to book a rafting tour, but the water level was too low. Instead, we could book a jumping and sliding tour. This sounded fun so we booked it along with mountain biking for the next day.

Unfortunately our small underwater camera got a huge damp from the water, so not many pictures.
In the evening we got a huge surprise, a snake in front of our bungalow! You can guess we really searched the room of uninvited guest that night!

We stayed about 10 days in Sri Lanka. It has been amazing! After our lovely stay in Rafters Retraet, we headed to Ngombo. We needed a new DSLR and luckily we found one.
The same day we took a flight to The Maldives! Our adventure was not jet to end.