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Backpacking Rwanda

'Can I search your bag?' A woman at the border asks me. From Entebbe, Uganda I took a flight to Kigali, the capital of R...

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Backpacking in Uganda

For years I wanted to visit the mountain gorillas. When I found cheap flights to Uganda I couldn't resist the offer and ...

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Travel information Uganda

Do you wanna know my travel route in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo? You can find more information here!

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Congo, beklimming van vulkaan Nyiragongo

Vanuit de auto zie ik het voor me liggen. Mijn droom, maar zeker ook mijn nachtmerrie. Het gaat niet makkelijk zijn! Roo...

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Nyiragongo volcano

In distance I could see the cabin where we would be staying for the night. I was gasping for air, which wasn't easy at 3...

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Gorilla trekking in Congo

'Stop staring at him!' I'm telling myself. In the bamboo bushes the huge silver back is chewing on a piece of bamboo. He...

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From Dakar I took a shared taxi to a crossroad to Ndangane. The small village lays in the region Sine Saloum delta situa...

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Golden coast

We long beaches with golden sand, Gambia is a famous spot for tourist to have a relaxing holiday.

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Bintang Bolong

An other eco lodge, with bungalows build on stilts on the banks of the river Gambia. It is far enough from the touristy ...

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Ile de Gorée

Ile de Gorée, an island with a tragic history of slavery. This island would be the final gate to transport slaves trough...

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My brief visit to Dakar and Lac rose was intens!

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African villages and friendly people. Here you can get a glimpse of the real Africa.

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Gambia and Senegal

Why did I choose to go backpacking in The Gambia and Senegal? Tips on how to travel in those countries.

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Gambia, Tanji

Tanji, a fishing village. Africa at his best!

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