Punta Perdiz
06 June 2016

Punta Perdiz and Cuava de los Peces

Driving around in Cuba with your own rental car can take you to some places which are difficult to reach without a car.
Punta Perdiz and Guava de los Peces is one of those spots.

If you drive from Playa Larga to Cienfuegos on route 1, you can find both sites along this road.

About 17 km South from Playa Larga you can go snorkeling or diving La Cuave de los Peces. A salt water cave or water hole, which is made of salt water. Somehow it got connected and there are loads of fish in here. You can go snorkeling, which we didn’t do because we thought we didn’t have much time. There where a few clouds which made the waterhole look pitch black.
We could see fishes swimming when we looked into the water, so I assume there will be loads.
You can see a parking lot. From here you have to walk for a few minutes. I heard good reviews of snorkeling and diving here.

Punta Perdiz

We drove more South and found a crossing for crabs. Loads and loads tried to cross the roads safely, but of course most of them didn't survive.

A few kilometers further along this road you can find Punta Perdiz. It is easily to spot; there is a restaurant in the shape of a blue boat. It is not a beach, but a relaxing point at some rocks.

When you have parked your car, you have to pay an entrance fee (no parking fee). The entrance fee is 15 CUC, including lunch and open bar.
Because we didn’t want to stay all day, only a few hours, we negotiate about the price. If we only stayed 2 hours we could enter for free. We payed one CUC for the sun lounger, but I guess this was just an extra tip for the gardening guy.

The view over the bay is really fantastic! The turquoise color of the ocean almost look surreal.

From the rocks you can enter the sea. Just be careful the rocks are sharp! The dark shades in the ocean are coral. Here you can see many fishes.

I think this spot is really worth to go snorkeling. The coral is nice and it is just a nice spot to relax. If we had more time, we would have stayed all day!

Other services on the site are toilets and showers, a small shop, but we didn't take a look inside.
There is a diving school where you can hire your gear, they told us it is a great spot for diving.