Hiking in Liechtenstein


14 August 2016

Hiking in Liechtenstein

Driving around in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, we figured there was not much to see. We parked the car and walked a bit in the city center. We have seen some nice buildings, but for us there was not much more to see.
Vaduz castle seems to be the major sight. Unfortunately you only can see it from the outside, the castle is private property.

I read something about a nice hiking trail, close to the capital Vaduz. Even Timo didn’t felt too good that day, we would give it a change.

Drei Schwestern hike

With our nice navigation we settled it to the Gaflei parking lot. From there the hike suppose to start.

The route going up the mountain was fun. Small streets, hairpin bends, for Timo the parking lot came too soon. It was busy, but luckily we found the last parking spot available. You can get here by bus too with the last stop Hotel Saroja.

We started hiking this classical route. The height to cross would be about 800 meters. Pretty tough!

The original route is from Gaflei to Planken. That would be about 5 hours en 12 KM. For us that would be inconvenient. Planken is on the other side of the mountain and it would take time to travel back by bus, or take the same route again. We were hoping for an alternative route back, or hiking until we thought it would be enough and return.

The first part went trough a forest. With these fresh air, it was pleasant. We thought it would be cold, so we took our jacket. Soon we had to take it off.

Walking further, all the time a bit uphill, the path became smaller. The sky is clear, with some cloud, but we could definitely see Vaduz at the bottom. In the other direction we could not see the mountain peaks of Drei Schwestern. Mostly it was blocked by the other mountain, but also some clouds wouldn’t give us a glimpse.

The path became more steep and other hikers passed us, I’m such a slow hiker! From them we got to hear it is a really nice hike and we could go back at another scission.

The vegetation became less, only some small plants with flowers. We had to climb a bit on a few ladders, but nothing special.

I loved the view we had all the time. I just kept making pictures.

Finally, we reached the road split. We could continue to the mountain Drei Schwestern or return to the car. Timo, which still did’t felt to good opted to go back. The mountain seems to be in the clouds and we already had loads of fun with this part of the hike.

We hiked back on the other route. It went on the other side of the mountain. It was less steep and we had some different viewpoints. We could see some green hills, in the background we could hear the bells from the cows grazing. I always love that sound, as it reminds me of Milka chocolate. (Don’t ask!)

With the first farm in sight we decreased fast. The farmer was smart and set up his own bar. We could have a refreshing drink. How lovely! With some cows in sight and a cool drink, we were ready for the last part. Soon we saw the parking lot.

The whole hike took us about 3.5 hours. I really can recommend it!

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