Kleine Knip Beach

30 November 2011


After an intens meeting with Suriname we ended our honeymoon at Curacao. This island lays in the South Caribbean sea, along the coast of Venezuela.

The island is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 2010 there was a dissolution of the Dutch Antilles. All the islands that belonged to the Netherlands Antilles still remain part of the Kingdom today. They go under the name Dutch Caribbean.

This colorful island is well known by the beautiful white beaches. Many package tours will go from the Netherlands to this island. We just had 5 days and of course we not only wanted to soak some sun at the beach, but we wanted to explore the island itself.

We decided not to go to little Curacao, a small inhabited island which is part of Curacao too. The boat ride would be to rough.

Instead, we rented a car for 2 days. At our accommodation Bon Bini seaside resort we hired a car, which was easy and straight forward.

Bon Bini seaside resort was really pleasant with 2 bungalows attached to each other and a veranda to relax. From the veranda we saw different iguana passing trough.
Some birds where present and in the night has been quiet. From the reception we could take a scheduled bus (twice a day) to a supermarket. Here the driver would wait for you to finish your shopping.

At the pool we really relaxed. It wasn’t big, but big enough for the amount of bungalows they rent.

We could get vouchers for a free entrance to Mambo beach each day. On the beach umbrellas and chairs where for rent.

You can go to Willemstad with a schedule bus. We didn’t use it, since we had a car. But it seemed easy and straight forward.

You can drive around the island within a day. But if you want to see all the sights and beaches you have to choose what you want to see or do. We visited the Grote Knip, Kleine Knip, Boka Ascension, Boka Shete national park and an Ostrich farm. Along the way when we visited the Ostrich farm we made a quick stop at the Aloe Vera plantation. We all know this plant for its healing process when you burn your skin.

In the center of the island you can find a lake where most of the time flamingos are seen. We only saw a few, but still it was nice to see.

If you want to read more about the must see sights in Curacao, read this blog.