Belize beachfront rentals


07 May 2017

Ambergris Caye

In the background I hear waves. Slowly I wake up and realize I'm not dreaming. It's the Caribbean sea of Belize! I walk outside barefooted to the amazing white sand beach. And I realize I'm lucky to be on the island of Ambergris caye. The beaches are beautiful, or as Madonna devoted a song about this island; La Isla Bonita. The beautiful island.

Belize has the second barrier coral reef of the world and there are many beaches and islands to choose if you want a beach holiday in Belize. With the right accommodations and the beach just footsteps away, Ambergris caye might be the one for you!
Luxury Retreats offers very nice villas for rent. At most place you can stay with up to 6 people in one villa. They are all close to the beautiful beaches. What more do you need?!

The city of San pedro on Ambergris caye is lively. But even then the beaches in the town remain quit and are great for relaxing. The beach of Ramon’s beach is close to the city center and has a nice stretch of beach.
But the best is to go to the beaches away from San Pedro. The beaches in town have loads of sea grass, especially when there is a lot of wind coming from the sea.

Belize is known for diving and snorkeling at the second largest reef of the world. You can easily book snorkel or diving tours at one of the tour agents on spot. With the reef only half a mile away, you'll see the wonderful underwater world with al kinds of fish and corals. You might even swim with a barracuda or spot a shark!

Caye Caulker

‘Hurry up!’ A man calls me when I was walking trough Belize city to catch the ferry to Caye Caulker. This man told me there would be a ferry at 9 A.M. This meant I had 10 minutes to buy a ticket and board the ferry to Caye Caulker. The island Caye Caulker is only 45 minute ferry ride from Belize city. Caye Caulker is a beautiful limestone coral island and even tough this island has only artificial beaches, the island is quiet and relaxed! Golf carts and bikes are the only transportation to get around on this small island. But most people go on foot. It is a funny contrast with how I rushed into the port of ferry San Pedro, but finally I could relax when I boarded the ferry. Let my beach holiday begin!

Due to a hurricane in 1961 the islands Caye Caulker is split in 2 parts. It is now divided by a small channel. At the split point called simply ‘The Split’ they created a beach and there are nice beach bars around for your refreshments and food. With a stair you can enter the Caribbean sea to get a fresh dive. There is a nice atmosphere, relaxed, take it easy and go slow!

Around the island, hotels build piers and created small shell beaches for the comfort to relax. I really loved sunbathing at one of the piers. You’ll get a really cool breeze from the ocean and the waves you can hear underneath you, while small fishes pass by.

There are many tour agents which can book you a tour to see the barrier reef and if you are lucky you might swim with a turtle or spot some dolphins from the boat! You can choose a half day tour or a full day tour. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, all of them show you the amazing underwater world of Belize.


With only a 20 minute flight from Belize city, Placencia beach town at the peninsula, is easy to get to. It is a popular beach holiday destination at the Caribbean coast. Placencia is basically divided in the Northern and Southern part. The Southern part is the most tourist part. The ‘boardwalk’ which is paved and goes from one end of the village to the other is packed with souvenir shops and restaurants. Very nice to have a stroll around noon to keep you out of the blistering sun.

The Northern part is less populated and has some exclusive accommodation to choose from. But with 25 kilometers of beach you can find any accommodation in your price range. With wide beaches all along the coastline it is ideal for a beach holiday. This village used to be a fishing village. Now it became a beach holiday destination which would be ideal for family and friends. Yet still it has its laid back feeling. Perfect for a beach holiday!

Beside relaxing at the beach you can explore the surroundings of the beautiful paradise with a kayak. With the calm water and scenic views it is a fun activity. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear; the underwater world is amazing too!

Not only snorkeling and diving are fun activities; offshore fishing for tarpon and barracuda, swimming with whale sharks, manatee spotting and doing tours to nearby deserted islands are just a few things to do around Placencia.

If you’re into some adventure you can hike the jungle of Cockscombe Basin Wildlife Sanctuary with waterfalls, bird watching and a small Maya ruin.

This article is sponsored by Luxury Retreats. I have written this article by myself, based on my own experiences. Recommendations were based on my own experiences.