Yerevan cascade

26 December 2016


Right after the Summer of 2016 ended me and my husband Timo decided to take a trip to Georgia and Armenia during Christmas and New years' eve. The tickets were affordable and both countries would really appeal to me. People told me the food would be good and a lot of old churches to see. Hiking would be great in Summer, but in Winter it would be more difficult.

Our trip started in Yerevan. With -15 degrees it was a very cold start! From the plane would see a thick layer of snow covering the ground. We stayed for 4 nights in Park Boutique Hotel, which was right in the city center. The hotels had small rooms, but those were comfortable. In the morning we could take a nice breakfast, which was included.
We used this hotel as a starting point and we have done day trips with a taxi driver. In Winter time I can recommend this, as the driver will know about the road conditions so it would be safer.

Yerevan is not very big and you could see it in one day. We didn't used any public transport as our hotel was right in the city centre.

<h2>Yerevan in 15 pictures</h2> Yerevan Cascade. The stairs were very slippery. Then we found out we could take the roller stairs inside!