Berg en Dal resort
30 November 2011

Berg en Dal resort

Suriname consists about 80 percent of tropical forest. There is one big river which is about 480 kilometers long. It flows from the Guiana highlands close to the border with Guiana to the sea. Along this river there are many communities.

Since we didn’t want to travel by plane to one of these, and we didn’t want to spend too much time on a bus we choose to stay at the luxury Berg en Dal resort.

This resort you can reach by arranged bus tours within only 1.5 hours from Paramaribo.

Berg en dal is settled along the Suriname river. The resort offers bungalows in a tropical garden.

We got a really nice and luxury bungalow set on wooden poles at the edge of the bungalow park. We got a big balcony with a lookout over the trees and the river. The romantic canopy bed made the picture complete and I was a happy woman!

There is a swimming pool which is a great refreshment. Three times a day they serve you a good buffet meal.

Activies Bergendal & Cultural river resort

The full name Berg en Dal & Cultural river resort suggest you can do a lot of different activities. We booked a few tours. The canopy tour zip line would be a great adventure.

We got some explanation first, how to seal yourself and how to break. We got some workers gloves which you need to prevent from burning your hands. A helmet you’ll have to wear for safety.

On a short track at the beginning of the trail they check if you’re able to do the track. After this introduction we walked to the beginning of the track.

There are 10 zip lines which goes from one to the other platforms. The platforms are settled high up the tree, with the highest point 35 meters above sea level. The highlight is the zip line over the Suriname river. This is also the longest track. It is amazing to fly in the air, between the trees or above the river. It will take about 1.5 hours which is good fun.

Historic walk

At the activity center they offer a free historic tour. This tour starts at the adventure center which is a short boat ride from the lodge. The walk takes up to a half hour. The guide will take you to the hill and tell you about the history about this area. There are a few historic houses to see and the story is really interesting. Of course the views and nature are beautiful.

The beach at the activity center is lovely. The golden sand and the cool water give some fun and refreshing afternoon. You can rent kayaks to go paddle on the river.

Some other actives which you can do, are jungle hiking and a ride on a traditional boat on the river.

Of course we stayed a few nights in Paramaribo and we had a tour to the jungle of Kabalebo.