Cuba: Beaches and islands.
04 June 2016

Cuba: Beaches and islands.

Cuba; and island in the caribbean sea. One thing is for sure. You’re gonna see white beaches with palmtrees! But which one to choose?Before we took off to Cuba it took me a while to figure out which beach to visit.

I heard great stories about Cayo Coco, but after I tried to make a schedule this beach seems to far out of our route.

We picked two beaches; Varadero in the North and Playa Larga in the South. We didn't want to drive to long on one day, and to make it a nice break we picked Playa Larga. We also had extra time to go to Cayo Levisa or Cayo Jutias from Vinales. We haven’t made up our mind about this, so we would choose when we where travelling in Cuba.

Where did we end up and which one did we liked best?
Varadero was set, as our flight was leaving from Varadero airport. Playa Larga we choose to visit, since it is halfway from Vinales to Trinidad. And Cayo Levisa is which we choose, because we heard great stories along the way.
As a bonus, we visited Punta Perdiz.

All in all, I think we had a great holiday with a lot of different beaches and other diversity. The nature of Vinales, cities like Havana and Trinidad. All together it made a wonderful holiday!

GoProHero Silver

Snorkeling is one of my favorite water sport activities. With just easy swimming you can see loads of nice colored fishes and corals. We tried to do snorkeling at all beaches and islands. And since I got a GoPro hero Silver for my birthday last February I had to try this action camera!
With a small drifter and a cord I could hold it easily. Taking photographs with the camera is more difficult, but the result isn't too bad. The movies turned out great! Soon I'll post some video's.

Suncream review

Since my youth, I always struggle with sunscreen. I've got ginger hair mixed with blonde and my skin is really pale. I'm getting sunburned really easily! A while back I heard about All day sun protection. Since Cuba would be over 30 degrees and hopefully with loads of sun I really wanted to try! You can read my review here.