Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi

02 March 2009

Ko Phi Phi

The islands of Ko Phi Phi are a group of islands in the Andaman sea. The two biggest are called Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh.

Ko Phi Phi Don is shaped in and H. On the flat part of the H is the most touristic part. Here you can find loads of restaurants, shops and hostels. This island is well known by party public from the Northern European countries. They come here to celebrate holiday and party. If you want to stay in a more quiet part, go to Long beach or other beaches around the island. You have to rent a long tail boat to get there.

This island was my favorite, but when I came back I found it to busy and too much party scene. Still, the beaches are pretty and the food is nice.

From this island you can go to Ko Phi Phi Leh on a tour. These islands got really famous when it was shown in the movie ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Even the island has a lot of people visited each day it is a really nice spot! The almost round shaped island with his high peaks and in the middle a lovely beach you have to fall in love with this paradise!

You can’t stay overnight at the island. But they do sell tours where you can sleep on a boat, so at the end of the day you have the island to yourself.

These islands can be reached only by boat from Phuket, Krabi and Ko Lanta. The trip takes about 2 hours. You have to switch boats halfway, but they make sure you’ll get on the right boat.

Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is a big island in the Andaman sea. The island is about 6 km wide and 30 km long. The island has a stunning scenery with hilly forest, beaches and mangroves. The sea has a lot to offer too with corals and fishes.

I found this island more a family island. The most beaches are quiet and ideal for families. Some beaches known for parties. There are many accommodations to choose from in all ranges.

The beach was not really white, but more mixed with yellow sand. Still pretty! The water was really calm to swim and ideal for kids.

Along the beaches you can find restaurants. Close to the ferry and of course in the villages you’ll find more restaurants and shops.

Inland the island has hilly mountains. The roads are not too bad, just be aware of the potholes when you rent a scooter. Which is a great way to discover the island.

You can find a cave halfway the island. If you are claustrophobic, don’t go inside! Some parts are really small and you have to go trough the holes on your belly. But it was a great tour and very interesting. Especially when you have been on the beach for a few days.

You can reach Ko Lanta by boat from Phuket and Krabi. They boat stop along the way at Ko Phi Phi. From the South you can reach the island with a car ferry, which runs frequently.