Schaffhausen and Faido

Waterfall Faido

16 June 2012

We made a 2 week holiday with the car to Italy and Croatia. Because it is a long drive, we made a stop in Schaffhausen. This old town next to the river has a big attraction; The only waterfall within the river the Rijn. This called Rheinfalle. It is easy to find, there are signs everywhere. You have to park your car at the parking lot. From there you can walk. You can see the river first with an overview over the waterfalls. If you follow the river you'll get closer.
If you have a long drive, this would make a perfect stop! There are food stalls to buy some local snack food, or you can go to a restaurant.

We continued our trip to Faido. The road is really pleasant to drive. Mountains surrounded us, with some amazing viewpoints.

Faido would be our village to stay for a night. Close to our hotel there was a waterfall. A short walk in the forest took us there. It was really silent and serene out there. Only the waterfall and us!

A minor about traveling trough Switzerland is the high price of the road vignette. This vignette is some kind of permit driving on the highroads of Switzerland. Everyone has to pay this price of 40 Euros. You can buy the vignette right before the border of Switzerland in Germany. Just don't forget, or you can get a penalty!