Maldives Embudu village resort

Paradise on earth!

30 April 2014

Maldives paradise

Paradise. That was what Timo and I were looking for! We imagine to snorkeling in an aquarium and relax on the white sand beach. Maldives sounds like the perfect choice!
At 9 AM we got picked up from Male airport. We had to go there ourselves since we already stayed 2 nights in Male city. But the ferry connection from Male Island to Hulhule island, were the international airport is settled is just a short boat ride.
After our tour agent checked our details we got to the boat and off we went! Embudhu village resort is only 45 boat ride from Hulhule island.

Suddenly the boatman slowed down for a bit. 'Dolphins!' He shouts and he points in the direction! What a bonus! I was really enthusiastic and wanted to make pictures. But the boat was still bouncing on the waves, so I hurt myself on the railing of the boat. But I was smiling from ear to ear and didn't care I hurt my ribs.

The boatman needed to navigate between the coral to arrive at the dock. Here we got welcomed with staff from Embudhu Village Resort and they leaded us to the reception. The path was white sand with green bushes on the side.
After check in, they took us to our room.

Maldives Embudu village resort

Our room was located at the end of the island. When you think we needed to walk really far, you are wrong! The island is only 280 x 140 meters wide, so it will only take about 10 minutes to walk around the island. We booked a luxury room which looked really clean and nice. The bathroom was big and looked new! Two times a day they cleaned our room. Of course all rooms are on the beach, but some don't have straight sea view, there are some bushes and palm trees.

Restaurant Embudu village resort

We paid for full board. This means we have 3 times a day a meal, excluding the drinks. Drinks are expensive, so if you stay in Male for one night, you might want to consider taking water and some soft drinks. You can buy them in the super markets on Male Island.

The first evening we went to the restaurant a waiter brought us to a table, which we will share with other people. This will be your table for the rest of your stay. It is always exciting who will sit on your table, since you have to share the meal with them for 3 times a day. We were lucky to have an older couple from Germany. They were very friendly and we had some good chats. Although the lady didn’t speak much English, together with our limit German we could understand and just had some fun moments.

The food was really good! There where many choices of meat, fish and vegetable for lunch en diner. Of course served with a nice desert. In the morning there where loads of bread choices, yogurt with muesli. The decoration of the food was amazing! They even offered a cooking course with the chefs. You could put your name on a list and one morning they showed us how to make a nice meal with all its decorations. Sadly I got problems with my belly, so after half an hour I had to leave the course.

Every day we made a walk around the island, just to soak up all the relaxed vibe of the island. Since this is a tiny island and it is ranked with only 3 stars there is not much else to do then just relax, snorkeling, diving and swimming. You can rent a kayak or surfboard, this is only for floating, there are not many waves. But this island doesn’t have the jet ski, catamaran or other leisure. It is just beach, sea and sun. This was all we needed!

Snorkeling Maldives

For hours and hours we did snorkel. We usually went in the morning because of the burning sun. We both get a sunburn really fast, so for this we try to avoid sun between noon and 3PM.
As soon as we step in the sea and dip under water we saw tons of fish. All kinds, shapes and sizes. The colors of the fish where amazing, parrot fish with all colors Doctor fishes with its bright blue color and a zillion others which we don’t even don’t know by name. Every time we were just point to fish we haven seen. The corals where amazing. Most of the time they are almost dead or not as colorful as in the ocean here. It was like snorkeling in an aquarium. So beautiful!

Our time in the Maldives where Amazing. Yes with a capital A because it is just a paradise! Would I ever consider coming back? If only, I had the money… Oh yes!


For the 3 nights in Embudhu village resort I choose to book with
This Dutch travel agent offered a good deal for 3 nights full board.
I can recommend to book the luxury rooms as those are bigger and look better like the basic rooms.