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Here you can find my blogs about the Republic of Senegal. Senegal is a country in West Africa. The country is bordered by Mauritania in the North, Mali to the East, Guinea to the Southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the Southwest. Senegal also borders The Gambia, a country occupying a narrow sliver of land along the banks of the Gambia River, which separates Senegal's Southern region of Casamance from the rest of the country.


From Dakar I took a shared taxi to a crossroad to Ndangane. The small village lays in the region Sine Saloum delta situa...

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Ile de Gorée

Ile de Gorée, an island with a tragic history of slavery. This island would be the final gate to transport slaves trough...

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My brief visit to Dakar and Lac rose was intens!

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