Bintang Bolong


08 January 2014

Bintang Bolong lodge

Another eco lodge, with bungalows build on stilts on the banks of the river Gambia. It is far enough from the touristy coast to experience the unspoiled natural environment.

FromKuntaur it will take a while to get there. Me and a Spanish couple arranged a lift to Farafenni with a jeep. We needed to take seats at the back which was open air. At 5.30 A.M. The sun was rising really slowly. The colors became more intense and even though it was cold, I loved to watch the people waking up.

At Farafenni we bought a breakfast and took a taxi to the ferry. We got dropped of. There was a huge line of cars and trucks waiting to go on the boat. Somehow we missed the line with walking passengers so we didn’t wait at all. Shame on us…
At the other site of the ferry we were searching to find the right transportation for us. We checked the bus, taxi and shared taxi. Taxi was actually a good price with 30 euros’s for the three of us, dropping of at the doors of the lodge, but my new friends found it too expensive. The normal bus was overcrowded and I didn’t want to stand for 2 hours. That left us with a local bus. Very old buses, leaving when full. We had to wait a bit, before the bus was leaving. So I had the time to buy some peanuts, freshly roistered. Very tasty, when you’re a bit hungry and only 5 cents for a hand full!

The bus left after 1,5 hours and it took us another 1.5 hours to get to the crossroad where we needed to get off. From here it was about 5 kilometers. Again we needed to wait for a transportation. There was nothing around, no taxi, no donkey cart. So we waited a bit, but I got sick of waiting.
So I walked to the nearby house, where there as a car parked. I tried to get us a lift. Unfortunately the car was broken, and we got invited to wait in this man his house. His children where really curious and we had a friendly chat. After another half an hour waiting I was thinking of taking the 5 kilometers for walk, but as soon as we thought this would be a serious option a truck came around the corner and we could take a lift.

Bintang belong seemed to be a magical place. We sat down to drink a juice from the baobab fruit. The taste a structure is kind of yogurt. You should drink it cold.

The bungalows are settled down in the middle of the mangrove forest. Though I have been to the mangrove forest on this trip in Senegal, this was again a unique experience. The bungalows are build on stilt. Although the bungalows seems old, the location is the best! The view from the bungalows over the river is nice and if you sit quietly you can even see some monkeys.

When I was walking around the nearby village, children again approached me, and wanted to their photo taken. Very cute how they pose like real models. The guys started a football match with a ball which was leak.