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Via ferrata Pas de l'Ours

Amazing 360 degrees view and a long day of via ferrata. Via ferrata Pas de l'Ours is a nice route!

Read more 11 March 2018

Weird travel photos

On internet I found this really cool travel tag which is made up by Co from Op reis met Co. It’s really simple. We all h...

Read more 03 March 2018

Bruges for a weekend

When you ask people to point out Belgium on the world map, I guess most people don’t know where Belgium would be on this...

Read more 25 January 2018

My annual review of 2017

My travels and other things I loved in 2017. You can read all about it!

Read more 26 December 2017

Backpacking Rwanda

'Can I search your bag?' A woman at the border asks me. From Entebbe, Uganda I took a flight to Kigali, the capital of R...

Read more 14 December 2017

Backpacking in Uganda

For years I wanted to visit the mountain gorillas. When I found cheap flights to Uganda I couldn't resist the offer and ...

Read more 10 December 2017
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