Via ferrata de la Roche au Dade

ladder bridge

28 August 2017

Via ferrata de la Roche au Dade

While we drove from Geneva to the Vosges, we drove trough Morez. Suddenly we saw some people walking with helmets and climbing gear. ‘There should be a via ferrataroute close by!’ My husband Timo said. We turned around and found the parking lot for via ferrata de la Roche au Dade.

Soon we found out, there are a few routes. The easiest and shortest one was only half an hour and it looked a little like a climbing park.

Via ferrata de la Roche au Dade

We took our via ferrata gear and started the steep climb. This was a few meters high. First we walked on a wobbly bridge. On the other side there was a short horizontal climb to the next bridge. This bridge had only 3 thick metal wires. One to put your feet on and on each hand a wire to hold on to. This bridge was really wobbly and when Timo asked me to slow down so we could walk together I told him I will go to the other side as this bridge was scary.

One last bridge to finish the route. At the end of this bridge you can choose to climb down at the steep wall or at a zip line. We both don’t have this gear so we skipped the zip line.

A short but fun via ferrata!


Parking: Across the bridge from the main street there is a parking lot.

Duration: 30 minutes

Altitude: 702 meters

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