Weird travel photos
03 March 2018

Tag weird travel photos

On internet I found this really cool travel tag which is made up by Co from Op reis met Co. It’s really simple. We all have pictures, well, you know, you don’t really look good on this picture. Weird face, strange clothes and so on. Sometimes you even delete them right away. This tag is all bout those weird pictures.

My top 5 weird pictures

#1 Jump picture

The classic jump picture. 1, 2, 3 jump! For me somehow this doesn’t work that way. I’m always too late. Or to early. In this picture at Uyuni desert I was late again. I have such a strange squat trying to jump, it looks really weird. I was traveling with my brother and he actually made fun of me the whole time. ‘You only have to jump, how hard can it be?!’ He claims all the time. Difficult. Apparently.

#2 Naughty monkey

Years back I was on a backpacking world trip and halfway my husband came to visit me in Thailand. At beach Ao Nang there was a walking path, with at the and of the day monkeys gathering and playing in the water nearby. They were curious. Too curious. One monkey was peeking under my skirt all the time. I’m still not sure what he was trying too looking for.

#3 Scarf problem

In 2014 I went on a backpacking trip with my older sister to Iran. The dress code makes woman to wear a scarf. I took a tin shawl and wrapped it around my head. But it slipped off, it was itchy and I just couldn’t keep it in place. My sister caught me several times, scratching my head, trying to put the scarf in place or with my hair messy and static from the scarf. Too many of those pictures.

#4 Shity bird

We all love to go sunbathing, at least I am. But I’ve learned my lesson. Stay away from trees with birds! In Mexico I was relaxing at the swimming pool of the hotel, listening to music. All of a sudden I felt a warm drip on my belly. First I thought, HEY it is going to rain! And the rain is even warm! Bugger for me I soon saw the shit of a bird on my belly. Gross!

#5 Cold sores

I can't remember when it started, but since my youth I have regular a cold sore. This is a herpes simplex virus, which gives you painful blisters on your lips. Not only it hurts, you can also infect yourself. And that is what often happen to me. A lot. On holidays.

Then I have multiple cold sore, swollen lips, well, you get the point. I look horrible. Somehow I get these cold sores often on a holiday, so on all my pictures you can see it. My husband loves to take pictures while I have a cold sore, and I just look weird on this picture.