Sunscreen All day protection
04 July 2016

Sunscreen All day protection

Since my youth, I’m struggling to find the perfect sunscreen. I have ginger hair, with a pale skin. I’m getting sunburned really easily.
To protect me from a sunburn, I always have used Nivea, Ambre Solaire or L’Oreal. All of them are fine. The last one I really like the smell, so I prefer L’Oreal.

If I use the right SPF, I should be protected for a while. But I really have to apply new cream at least every 2 hours. When I’m going for a swim in the sea or the swimming pool I have to apply again, even when the bottles says it is waterproof.

Some people made me aware of sunscreen which should protect all day long. Only applying once! This sounded to good to be true. I started reading about it on the internet and found out there are many brands. But those creams are not cheap! A small bottle would cost almost 20 Euros’s. Compare to 10 Euro’s for a regular bottle, than this cream has to be perfect.

Luckily I found a some discount sun protection. Those were very cheap and I even found some All day protections from different brands. I ended up buying 3 different brands in different SPF.

I have bought P20 SPF 50, Vision SPF 30 and Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20.My next holiday to Cuba would be a perfect test for those all day sun protection.

P20 SPF 50

The bottle claims you are protected for 10 hours.
The bottle has a handy size of 100 ml, which you can take on board of an airplane. The spray is easy to apply. You can rub the substance it easy. The smell is chemical. The substance has a transparent yellow color. I think the substance felt oily the whole day. The instructions say after applying it should soak for at least 20 minutes to avoid stains on your clothing. After those 20 minutes your are protected for the sun.

It did give a nice shimmer to your skin.

I only got a mild sunburn when using p20 after I made a long beach walk in the blistering sun, not protecting me shoulders. So only the top of my shoulders were burned, nothing seriously, just slightly read.

Unfortunately it gave stains on my bath towel. They won't go out! I'm not sure how this happened, since I followed the instructions and let it rinse for at least 20 minutes.

After the sunbathing I wanted to take a shower. Here I found out P20 doesn’t wash off easily. The best way to get it of is using a soap bar instead of cream soap.

Conclusion of P20
The sun protection was great! When I payed more attention not walking directly in the sun without a t-shirt I wouldn’t have the sunburn.

I would buy this again, but would use it only when I’m at the beach or swimming pool. It now gave stains to my beach towel, which I don’t mind too much. But giving stains to clothes is really a minus.

Vision SPF 30 All day protection

The Vision SPF 30 tube has a handy format of 100 ml which you can take on board of an airplane. It is a tube with a white cream. You have to rub a bit to get it all lubricate well. Only then the white color of the cream would be gone. The cream has a nice smell, not chemical, but a little bit different from a regular suncream. It smells like sun and fresh flowers.

The description says the cream would be non sticky after rubbing it. This is true, it doesn’t felt sticky. You have to wait 20 minutes before you go in the sun.

After 10 hours in the sun, I got a slightly sunburn. I think this has to do with the SPF 30, this isn’t sufficient enough for me and I have to get SPF 50 to get the 10 hours in the sun with protection.

Conclusion of Vision all day protection
The sun protection is great! Just apply one time a day and I felt comfortable walking around without applying another layer. The smell of the cream is nice and it didn’t felt too sticky. I only got a mild sunburn I would buy this again only in another SPF. The tube is easy to pack.

Ultrasun SPF 20

The packing is oval with a hard plastic cover. It is easy to pack and with only 100 ml you can take it in your hand luggage.

It has a pump which I find the first time not easy to give cream. I really had to push hard to get cream out, at first I thought it was broken. If this is a cause, you won’t get the cream out. There is no twist-able.
The cream is white with a little silver sparkling. The cream is easy to apply. There is no smell. The description didn’t say you have to wait 20 minutes, but I did this, just to be sure.

The cream gives a silver glimmer or sparkling to your skin. I first thought this was a bonus, but it makes your skin actually looks more white. I couldn’t rub this white haze off. Ultrasun wasn’t sticky.

Since I got those 3 creams on a discount, they didn’t have SPF 30 or more. Therefore, I only used this cream on my legs. Those will get less easily sunburned.

I didn’t get a sunburn on my legs by using this cream.

Conclusion of Ultrasun SPF 20

It is nice it is not sticky. I didn’t mind for the pump, as it was not easy to start with. But after I got it started it is handy to apply.

I wouldn’t buy it again. Just because of the white glimmer. It did look weird on my legs and it was to sparkling.

I tried P20 and Vision on my face, but I wouldn’t recommend this! Both have an awful taste, when you start to sweat. I’m using normal sun cream for my face.

I wrote these reviews to my own opinion. I have tested all 3 of the sun creams and put an honest judgement.
I didn't get paid to write this or to test those products.