Food from Italy

When you think about the words food and delicious you must think about Italy!

29 May 2012

Ofcourse we all know spaghetti, lasagna and pizza, but the Italian kitchen has a lot to offer. There are many restaurants to choose from and the prices are affordable. In a normal restaurant you can get a pizza for about 8 euro to 15 euro, lasagna an spaghetti for about 10 euro.
But don't forget to look around and visit a bakery. They sell a lot of sweet cakes and cookies which are all delicious!

Pizza you can get literately everywhere. Mostly you just buy a whole pizza, which is enough for a meal. There are so many different types you can choose from and I just can’t decide which I like best. I love the small restaurants, where you can see the stone oven where they take the pizza out with a big spoon.

Lasagna, one of my favorite dish but evertime I order it, the taste will be different each and every time. The most special place where we ate lasagna was a small souvenir shop which sold local speciality’s including wines. It only had 2 tables and a simple menu. The daughter of the owner cooked the meals fresh and it was just delicious!

What about the very nice gelato! How can I almost forgot about that! My husband just loves ice creams so he can’t pass a gelato shop without buying ice creams. This result in most of the time 3 ice creams a day! They cost about 2 euro, but in touristic places they can go up to 3 euro for 2 scoops.

An other delicious desert is panna cotta. A pudding with sweet vanilla flavor. You can choose your topping like blueberry or chocolate.

Are you a fan of taking presents to your family or friends? We whenever we are in Italy we would take some bottles of Limoncello at home. This is a strong alcoholic drink which is made of lemons… Ofcourse! This is a refreshing drink and it tastes like summer.

Ofcourse there are other dishes like pasta, sandwiches or salads. Just give it all a try and tell me what you like to eat in Italy!